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My priority shipment from USA taking one week to arrive and effecting my business. I have cancel my business trip to New Zealand as parts are in FedEx location. Bad no response to correct any problem, no FedEx staff will pickup phone to resolve issue. All been paid on internet as only possible way to connect with FedEx there did not follow record and released shipment. After more than 24hrs and provided document to shipper side finally been... Read more

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Repeatedly Fedex leaves packages at an outdoor closet that doesn't even look like the front door, or even the back door. I can't get to customer service, and I have physical disabilities that prevent me from going outside to collect deliveries and carry them inside. I've gone round and round their website looking for a way to email them, and I get put on a loop trying to call. I don't know what to do as I really don't want to have to put an ugly... Read more

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FedEx does not provide customer service. You make no options available for a customer to pick up a delivery. You send a notice indicating that a package will be delivered by end of day 8 p.m. as opposed to stating the package will be delivered any time of day on a specific day. So, I get home expecting my package by 8 p.m. when it was already attempted for delivery. Then, I am told that I cannot pick it up from the facility as it was not... Read more

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FedEx Ground operation is a VENDOR/CONTRACTOR run service. The drivers have no respect for anything. You should file a claim with the FE legal department and if they are delivering for Amazon be sure to file one there too. Amazon actually cares about your delivery experience. FedEx will throw something back at you to suggest it is your fault. So file the claim yourself--they will never call you back to do it and will probably 'lose' it after you... Read more

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I ordered one pair of adidas training pants and paid extra for shipping because I was going out of town. They are five days late.

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The idiots that deliver for FedEx can't read or they could give a ***. For years I've complsined to Sam Ash that my packages are left on the front porch...evrn though the label clearly indicates "side door - under carport" on the label. I've complained to Sam Ash to no avail. Why did I bother to register this info if it doesn't matter. ???? ***, let the electronics and guitars sit in the sun and rain. Who cares! Obviously not FedEx. ... Read more

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!st, I live approx 1 mile from the Atlanta Airport, alos I am a former Delta Airlines employee. I purchased a collector car from a Ford Dealer in Puerto Rico and sent them a certified Check for $100,000 overnight. The envelope was supposed to arrive the next business day, it ended up in Ft Worth Tx, then Memphis TN, 2 days later it still has not left Memphis, calling customer service was a joke. I have had much experience with teh crack counter... Read more

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Delievery service drop offs the driver drops packages on porch when the boxes say fragile and r in a hurry and i have had box destroyed before i only had one delivery driver that did ask if i wanted them to refund some of the objects in the box i couldnt wait for return but it wasnt his fault that it happened other than that when it say fragile they should set it down gently instead of throwing the box Read more

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A simple fedex freight shipment fron Texas to Florida, 800# of stack stone and a wonderful trip for that stone. The stone ended up in Kentucky two days after delivery date in Florida. The guard at the gate in Kentucky allowed the stone to take a week vacation going to distilleries I suppose as I'm told the shipment is missing. Suddenly after numerous calls the stone reappears and will be shipped the next day to Florida. Uh huh any other... Read more

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I ordered 2 tires with rims. They were to arrive Thursday butt I got a text message that said they arrived Wednesday and were delivered to the front door. There were no tires delivered so on Friday I searched a little bit on my own and found them next door on the front porch of a home with no numbers on it. There are only three homes in this area with acreage at each one and mine is clearly marked with a mailbox. I then call FedEx on the... Read more

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