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Don't trust fedex estimated delivery!

  • by   May 06, 2010
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Company Fedex
Location Issaquah, Washington
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I order car parts online alot. IN the last year I have only received parts shipped fedex on 3 occasions. The first time their website tracking info said my package would arrive on a Saturday. I was pretty happy because I thought it was going to take until Monday. Well Saturday came and the website said it was on schedule, Saturday evening came and my package didn't arrive, on top of that the delivery date dissapeared and didn't reappear until Tuesday when it said it would be delivered that day. I thought it was a mistake, but it seems to be common practice at fedex.
Last week I ordered some more parts and they were shipped fedex. Three packages were scheduled to be delivered on Saturday which sounded great, just a few days after I ordered! So I stayed home Saturday waiting for the packages, and no packages were delivered. The delivery date dissapeared yet it was still on schedule... And then Monday evening a new delivery date for wedensday was set. Well at least those packages came on wed. This recent order was to come in two parts. The second part was shipped two days after the first (Friday 30th) it immediatly had a delivery date for the 5th (today) and surely enough my package wasn't delivered and the delivery date is gone.

I called fedex and spoke to a rep. I told him the situation and asked why it happened and when my package would arrive. He said he didn't know and that my package would be here tomorrow. I guess we will see about that!

Moral of the story is that if you want to track your packages don't bother with fedex, and most importantly don't trust their delivery date.

I will be trying to get my money back and avoid fedex at all cost in the future. 2ee6ea4

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Apr 07 
I agree to the fullest degree! FEDEX IS HORRIBLE!! My package was out for delivery Saturday 8am after a solid day of waste it still states out for delivery and now displays N/A for current delivery status! I have to pick it up at a facility because they have no idea when I'll be recieving it. I refuse to allow these unorganized unprofessional "workers" handle my personals and get away with such lack.
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Dec 24, 2013 
Paid for 3 day guaranteed shipping. Package is has been at the sort facility in my town since Saturday (due in my hands Friday). It's Tuesday still nothing. Of the 21 packages I have had sent to my house in two weeks, UPS and USPS 100% on time. FEDEX 100% late by days.
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Dec 23, 2013 
This exact same thing just happened to me. FedEx is a bunch of liars. Stay away from them if possible.
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Nov 12, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
This exact same thing literally just happened to me over the weekend. Estimated delivery: Saturday. Saturday comes, no package. Around 5PM, the estimated delivery date disappears. I call them up and they said it's not going to get here until Tuesday.

UPS doesn't pull this ***. If it has an estimated delivery, you can guarantee it's going to get there by then.
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Sep 18, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
Peaches I cannot express the depths of how wrong you are. I live in Texas and have all my life (minus 4 years of college) and FEDEX is horrible. Whether it's lying about coming to the door or delivering on time, they fail almost every.single.time.
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Jun 29, 2013 
I do not know what the problem is with other states getting their Fedex packages,But here in Texas Fedex is alway's on time,Never late,Never unprofessional,Right on time.When they say they will deliver they are their.Maybe you can go and Pick your own package's up at your nearest Fedex Office.
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Aug 21, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
Not for me I ordered my package last monday from Illinois it said it would be here the upcoming saturday i waited on that saturday and no shipment came then the date went to N/A its now the wednsday after and still no package or estimated delivery date this is my first time using fedex and I already want to stick with UPS.
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Jun 29, 2013  from Salt Lake City, Utah
Ummmm choose a different delivery system if the companu doesent have it request it :sigh :x
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Sep 17, 2013  from Angleton, Texas
Bill dear, I'm sure you thought your comment would be taken as profound and the one voice of reason in a sea of complaints but it's obvious you know nothing of what you speak. Retailers like Amazon don't give you the option to pick what company they decide to hire to ship their packages. In fact, I can't think of any online retailer that lets the customer pick what company they use. The only thing we can choose is the method of delivery (standard, 2-day, overnight).

The "regular" FedEx service has a pretty good track record of having reliable and correct tracking info. In my experience, they also deliver packages when they at they will. FedEx Smartpost on the other hand does not. Their tracking system is unreliable and, at best, sketchy. The estimated delivery date changes for no apparent reason - usually the day before the initial estimated date. I've been waiting for a package since last week. All week long my estimated delivery date was September 17. FedEx even sent me an email yesterday to inform me that my package is in transit from Houston. I checked the tracking today and the date has been changed to September 18. I live less than 50 miles from Houston. It doesn't take three days to drive 45 miles.

FedEx Smartpost has a terrible reputation for pulling this stunt. They're also notorious for claiming a package is delivered when it merely is delivered to your local post office. The bottom line here is that customers aren't given the luxury to
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Jan 22, 2013  from Hamden, Connecticut
UPS is much better .. Fed EX takes no care in your package. I have had things broken too many time using them..
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Jan 22, 2013  from Battle Creek, Michigan
Well... can't say quite the same. I normally don't order Fedex, but on this occasion I had to and the estimated delivery date was Wednesday the 23rd (expecting 2 packages) and so far I've already received my first package 1 day early (22nd). So I can't say the 2nd package will be here tomorrow or the next day, but hey, the early package kind of makes up for it even if it's a day late.
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Dec 06, 2012  from Warsaw, Mazowieckie
A friend of mine send a package to me on 24 november and d delivery date is 2day 6december but I did not receive any package.what is paining me is dat since d person have send d item fedex did not update d date or d shipping movement pls I just dnt kno wat happen can some1 help me out wit dis.my email is simonsalako@yahoo.com..number +2348096817881
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Sep 09, 2012 
Can't they tell me whether it will not be delivered today or tomorrow with high accuracy? I don't need them to predict it five days in advance, but it'd be nice to know not to stay home waiting, because it is still in Connecticut or someplace.
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Sep 06, 2012 
Same story. On three occassions this year I was expecting parts deliveries based on FedEx communications telling the package was on the truck and would be delivered X day. I sat around the house all day and as I should have expected they never showed. I've had it with them. Nothing mission critical goes FedEx as far as I'm concerned. The personal stuff really gets to me more than the business stuff. They really need to get their act together. BTW, sold all my FedEx stock. My personal experiences are usually good indicators of a business future.
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Feb 19, 2013 
And FedEx stock continues to go up...I guess you shouldn't have sold it! :cry Wall Street loves FedEx :grin
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Sep 05, 2012 
mine said it would be delivered the 6th,then they changed it to the 5th,then over the holiday long weekend they changed it back to the 6th which is tomorrow,we will see.i am disappointed tho.
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Aug 29, 2012 
Mines actually always chane to the next day. And it does come the next day. That's why I choose USPS but sometimes I forget and chose FedEx -.-
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Jul 09, 2012 
ya My lego order shipped by fed ex smartpost and they have changed the delivery date on me 3 times and I have had it.
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Jan 06, 2012 
same garbage happened to me, im waiting on computer parts. the estimated date was originally the 7th, then was changed to the 5th (which made me happy, thinking i would get the parts early.) Well the 5th came and nothing showed up and now i dont have an estimated date at all. Also the tracking hasnt been updated once this whole time as far as where the package is currently at.
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Dec 30, 2011 
Usually FedEx gets stuff here when they say. There have been a few times they changed the date on me and has been very frustrating. Even the order I have now has been changed to the following day, grr. However, UPS has also changed delivery dates on me too. So it isn't just FedEx that does it. Seems like the only people that live up to thier delivery times with me has been USPS. Go figure. The slowest of them all actually delivers when they say so, but have had things seriously damaged by them and USPS. Moral of the story, FedEx had been the most reliable on safety of products and would probably use them over the others because of that. Hate that they change the date so frequently, but at least I don't get anything broken or buyers get thier stuff broken. Both ups and USPS are natorious for breaking things with bad handelling.
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