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FEDEX, says they delivered but they did not

  • by   Dec 28, 2009
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Company Fedex
Product / Service Package To Be Deliver But Was Not
Location Colonial Heights, Virginia
Category Shipping
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I ordered materials to be delivered in a small box and paid extra for Fedex home delivery.They said their driver delivered the box right to my doorstep and their computers GPS tracking proved it.

I complained, but never got a call back. The time they said it was delivered, I was in my driveway shoveling snow for 2 hours. They have never called me back even though they promised.

Guess what, a resident that lives 2 blocks away on a totally different street got home from visiting relatives 3 days later and found my package on their doorstep.Up yours, FEDEX, I will never pay extra for Fedex delivery again and I buy a lot of stuff on line. 2e6220b

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Dec 06, 2011 
Yup same for me. I checked the site and it said it delivered, but I guess not! And I'm pretty sure I entered the right address. :(
Reply to Hannah

Jun 07, 2010 
im in the same situation. fedex gave me a case number and are "investigating" but i needed my package today!!! how can they verify that it was left at the right address!
Reply to kryss

Jan 27, 2010 
That just happened to me. They said they left it at my door @ 248pm. I was home and so was my roommate. No box, no doortag, nothing. Takes 24-48 hours for them to trace it. Pretty pathetic. By the time they trace it who knows where it can be.
Reply to Joe

Jan 26, 2010 
same thing happened to me today! they said they delivered to my front porch at 6:27....... I WAS HOME!!!!!! no package anywhere. I even went to my neighbors and they dont have it either! I cant even get in touch with a fed ex rep!
Reply to Jen

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