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Fedex - package left on doorstep of wrong address!

  • by   Dec 26, 2013
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Company Fedex
Product / Service Wrong Package Number
Category Shipping
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The shipper gave the wrong lot number for my package.The driver did not take the time to knock on the door to see if the right person was receiving the package.

I could understand leaving it on a door step if no one was home...but the residents were there and could have told the driver he had the wrong address.

Guess Fed Ex drivers just don't have the time or energy to go that extra mile.I do not believe I will be using their services again in the near future, and strongly suggest to others that you make sure, if using Fed Ex, that you request your packages be signed for. 2f181f8

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Dec 29, 2013 
Yeah you sound like a whiney little B. F your sense of entitlement.
Reply to Fred Smith

Dec 27, 2013 
Not FedEx's fault but the company you bought the product from. It's not Fedex's responsibility to make sure it's at the right house. Do you know how many packages the couriers deliver on a daily basis? Way too many to "make sure the right person got the package". If there was no signature required the courier doesn't have to wait for the person to answer the door anyway.
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Dec 27, 2013  from Richardson, Texas
This problem lies with the shipper,Not Fedex.Also Fedex always knocks and Ring doorbell as well.I would say that you have some very low life resident's to not give you your package.What you nedd to do is get in touch with your shipper for a refund not Fedex.Place blame where it id due.Not on Fedex but with your shipper for giving the wrong lot number in the first place.
Reply to Linda

Dec 27, 2013 
If you were the only stop we made, I assure you you would have been accommodated. We don't have the time to make sure everyone we deliver to is the right person. Pitch you complaint with the shipper
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Dec 29, 2013 
Let me guess, you work there???

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