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stealing packages at fedex terminal in milwaukee, wi

Company Fedex
Product / Service Stolen Package
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Drug Stores and Drugs
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Every month I receive very important pain medication from the manufacture directly.Well this month it was shipped on dec 23th for delivery on the 24th.

First their customer service told me one lie after another. Priscella made it worse telling me that the manager dave in Milwaukee just left for day when he didn't and that the container my package was in wouldn't be opened until the 25th and to me on the 26th. Dave the manager was still in when i called him 5 mins later. Said he be in till he found my package......well he did leave after 9pm, not calling me, telling other managers about it and took 2 days off.

If u dont get pain medicine in ur system, you withdraw and it not pretty. People die from this!!!! Its the 31st now and i still don't have my replacement medicine due to strict federal laws on schedule 2 drugs. 5 TRIPS TO ER AT $1100 and there presidents exec.

assist tell me they don't pay claims for packages not delivered. No matter who are when u place life in serious risks and people incurs major expenses as a result on your employees stealing medication that has a value of $1500.......causing pain, suffering, sickness, stree and anxiety ruining holidays and irreplaceable family moments...........YOU SHOULD BE SUED AND WILL BE ME. WHATS LIFES $ VALUE. What if this doesn't come UPS today......in another week to get cause that's how long it took to get my Dr.

to rewrite a script and overnight. THIS WASNT A DOLL THAT WAS LOST AND COULD BE REPLACED IN 24HR.

8 days of suffering and no formal letter or offer from Fedex to do ANYTHING.MAYBE A IM SORRY CARD!

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Jan 02  from Rancho Cucamonga, California
Who wants to bet posting comments on here is the highlight of Jack Longrod's miserable existence?
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Dec 31, 2013 
This whole story stinks from lies. Meds are the highest priority shipments. I think you are nothing but a mixer.
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Jan 01  from Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Somebody get this guy a new line. Crybaby fedex employee.
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Jan 02 
Somebody priority overnight Jack Longrod a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance.
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