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Tracking # 071460845140619. Expected delivery on 12/02/2016. Package delivered to FedEx facility on11/28 and transferred to City of Industry Facility on 11/29 in CA. Says sent on 11/30. Says sent again on 12/01?? Case number 1203605430 opened. Was told it "should" arrive on 12/07? How does a 12/02 delivery date date become a 12/07 date? If Fedex has not shipped this package from California as of 12/01 how am i expected to have it delivered to my... Read more

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I was expecting a package today, being delivered by Fedex. The tracking information for both packages informed me both packages were on the truck for delivery for the current day. At 4 p.m. I checked the tracking information again, thinking it was odd my packages weren't already sitting on my front porch. Upon checking the tracking, I received this message, Uh oh, we noticed an issue with your delivery. They had attempted to deliver my packages... Read more

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Issue: - FedEx lost contents of package and destroyed the package and never notified me. Meanwhile, the FedEx website said the package was on the truck for delivery on 11/30 at 6:55 AM. Until I called FedEx on 12/1, I was not aware of any issue. - On 12/1, wasted over 2.5 hours on the phone with FedEx to unsuccessfully resolve the FedEx issue. Facts: - Nest thermostat stopped working and Nest used FedEx second day air to ship replacement part.... Read more

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I placed an order for an item coming from New Jersey (shipped to Florida). It honestly took way too long to be normal. I'd understand if it were coming from across the country, but New Jersey? When it finally landed in Florida it was up in Tampa for an entire day and when it finally shipped, it literally shipped to Orlando, which was only 15 minutes away and then spent the whole day there. I get it, things have to be sorted for shipping, but on... Read more

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Made a order on the 26th off amazon. Shipped Monday from ca to Il, it is now Thursday and the rep I called stated it will update when it reaches its next destination which she said is also in ca, so you guys have a package that should arrive on the 1st after being shipped the 28th and your keeping the *** thing in California for a 5th day.... Even UPS innovations or usps at least gets my package to my local post office or even Illinois within 2... Read more

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Fedex leave your packages and never knock,could they just knock once?

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My shipment (which had perishable food in it) was MISTAKENLY rerouted to a local FedEx Office because their mobile app is ridiculously antiquated - in order to schedule a vacation hold you have to have an active shipment en route to your address! When I called customer support, I was assured (after reiterating MULTIPLE times that there were perishable items involved) that the package would be rerouted back to my home and that a manager would... Read more

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I ordered lululemon twice and the shipping provider was only fedex. My first order is still missing and my second order finally arrived but the man who delivered it never did knock the door to give my package. He just threw my package from the stairs to my door. I saw him from my window , i went outside right away to ask about my other package but the guy was already in the truck and he never hesitate to stop even he saw me calling him. I think... Read more

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Why do I keep forgetting to insist retailers don't ship to me using FedEx? My latest experience - my package required my signature but I work in the woods during the day and can't be at home; FedEx gave me the option of picking up the package at one of their 3 service centers - they were all in the next county - a 120 mile drive for me! I asked why I couldn't pick it up at the FedEx service center in the town where I live - their customer... Read more

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This is the 2nd incident of wrong delivery. Please have the ground Fed X service person deliver to CORRECT Apt. There are 50 units+ here at this address and was for this recipient: XiBin or XinBin Bu, 200 N Nicholson Ave, Apt E Monterey Park, CA 91755 This came upon the 3rd incident to another close APT. Please, FED EX--get it RIGHT. There are 50 apt units. This is a 2nd level floor, hitting the wrong deliv. to a Sr. Citizen that has a hard time... Read more

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