We have more 14 packages from different senders which should be delivered 10 days ago. And, all of them are exactly in the warehouse near our house.

Every morning, we can see the packages are out for delivery, but in the evening, all of those are rescheduled to the next day because of weather exception. Theres no snow, no rain, no wind. We have contacted the customer service thousands of times. Today we were told we would definitely get our packages, since they could see the vehicle number and the drivers information.

We spoke with the customer service supervisors. The supervisor said no customer service can see that information. All they told us is that they would send the information to the station and we would get a callback. We didnt get any feedback for over a week!

We just want to know what happened to our packages. We were transferred to the distribution center once, but the station said they didnt know what happened. We asked the customer service to transfer us to the station again, all of them said they cannot call the station. All they can do is just send information to the station.

We asked what if the station didnt call us. The supervisor kept saying we need to call the 800 to see what happen and no other options. They passed the problem to their customers!

Its a cycle. Our problem wont get solved forever.

Location: Wayne, Pennsylvania

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