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Do not order anything of importance or anything you want on a certain date from a company that uses fedex. It will never arrive on time.

It will make it to your distribution center just fine but from there it will either be undeliverable due to an exception, waiting for new delivery date, or simply take a trip around the United States. You may actually see all three occurrences for one package. If i did my job like this I would no longer have one. I wish companies would let you know who they ship through before you hit the buy button.

I for myself will from now in just cancel orders shipped through FedEx.

It is not worth the aggrevation. I will rather find a different seller or live without whatever it is I thought I needed, because I dont need this bs.rd 3r3

User's recommendation: Just don't subject yourself to this kind of frustration.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Ground Delivery Service.

FedEx Pros: Package might make it eventually.

FedEx Cons: No accountability, Poor delivey service terrible customer service.

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