After getting through 15 mins of telephone recordings. Talked to a nice gal and told her my name address and 5 packages delivered by them that don't belong to me.

She said she couldn't do anything without a tracking number. I said I gave you my address. She said sorry sir but I can't pick them up without a tracking number. I said ok then if your missing 5 packages some where their at the address I gave you.

She said thank you sir and told me to have a nice day. Lucky for me I noticed a phone number on the return address label. I called it and told sender what happened. He was pissed.

Important mortgage documents. I told him I'd deliver them if he could give me the right address. He said thanks but I paid FedEx to do it. I gave him my info.

About 6pm (2 hours later) there was a FedEx truck in front of my house picking up 5 packages. ha!

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