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A package I ordered, a 60 inch 1080p television was set to be delivered on a Wednesday. It didn't specify a time but it said Wednesday and had said Wednesday for at least 4 days. I stayed home from work that day just to receive the television which is a huge item. Most would agree that such an item should be received at the door by someone. The tracking number showed that the package "left for delivery at 4:54 AM." 4:54 AM. It is now 8:00 PM and no sign of the television. I called around 9:00 PM that Wednesday night and asked what was going on. Customer service had no explanation for me, and couldn't find out because the local Fedex location was now closed. I received no notice or notification that I was not going to receive the package and wasted an entire day, not even leaving the house just to receive it. STRIKE ONE.

I tell them "at this point I cannot stay home from work a second day in a row, so please have them take it to the nearest Fedex location." They put in the request and told me that it would be at the location by midday Thursday and I could pick it up anytime before closing, 8:00 PM.

Fast forward to 12:07 PM and I check to see if it has arrived at the nearest Fedex location. Lo and behold, it says DELIVERED TO FRONT DOOR OF HOUSE. Can you believe that? A 60 inch HDTV is sitting outside my front door with no one home to check it, accept it, and bring it into the house when it was supposed to be delivered to my nearest Fedex location. STRIKE TWO.

I call my son and daughter, hoping one of them can go home as soon as possible to bring it in the house. I'm sure ANYONE with half a brain would agree that leaving a 60 inch HDTV at someone's front door is a *** IDEA, especially when you have instructions to deliver it to a Fedex location. Apparently, Fedex, its managers, and its drivers fall into a category that includes people with little regard for instruction, customer service, or even general common sense. At this point, I do not know if the TV is there, if it is damaged, or if someone stole it.

I call customer service explaining everything and all they can say is how sorry they are for my inconvenience. I ask how is it possible that a company can perform so poorly. First, they don't deliver it on the day its supposed to be delivered. (Keep in mind I stayed home literally all day to receive it). Second, the driver brings it to my house, no signature when they were instructed the night before to take it to a nearby Fedex location. No matter what I said and how well I conveyed how terrible these business practices were, all I received was a sorry.

The worst part of it all is that when I asked "Who is responsible for this? It didn't arrive Wednesday and I received no notice, so someone didn't do their job. They didn't take it to a location as instructed, so someone didn't do their job AGAIN. What is Fedex going to do to make this right?"

Her response was ... "What else do you want us to do? The TV was delivered."


After all that, their train of thought culminated in "we got it there somehow, someway, what else do you want?" as if I was being completely irrational at this point and should simply be content my TV is at my house. Please do not do business with this company and instruct all others you know to avoid business with this company at all costs. They do not care for the customer's time and do not listen to instruction either from the customer or internally.

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Unless the shipper asks for a signature, that is the end of it. And most retail shippers are not going to require a signature because they realize people work during the day and they don't want their customers' deliveries held up. So that is why they delivered it with no signature, because the shipper never asked for it.


Just how did you expect to bring home a 60" tv? BTW, no one cares how big it was.

I think this is just your way to brag about. Congrats. You just wasted your money.

Did you get your tv? Then quit complaining and shut up.

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