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I am disabled place orders on-line to service, shop, do what I have to do to get by. Have no choice some places will only ship Fed-excess.

Just had huge argument with Delivery Driver have had 2 packages in 2 weeks go missing. He can not read an address label. After dealing with Pay Pal and not getting refunds for missing items. The shippers both claim that they have a tracking number that is all they need.

Come to find out the items were left outside the Apartment Complex office door. Its closed and only staffed 2hrs a week 2 days a week. Its also the laundry, public restrooms and open area of the complex anyone can come in take anything left in that area and walk off with it. Its even posted not to leave anything in that area.

FedEx claims they can leave any package anywhere on any property as long as its left on or near the property. So I am out my packages and my money. No return calls from FedEx, no help, No refunds from Pay Pal, nothing from the places I made the original purchases. I am just screwed over by them and their incompetent drivers.

The driver lied and said that he thought he remembers someone in an old car taking the package from 2 weeks ago but is not sure. After just now admitting to knowing that he left them in the office area and them going missing, all his fault by the way. I called a friend on the police and about to have him arrested for theft by deception since he knowingly did not deliver to my address and lied about it the first time claimed it was someone in an old car. I am about to post the video of the call and the argument with the delivery drive to You Tube so everyone can see what a *** they have working for them.

I am never going to buy from anyone that uses FedEx to ship again. I refuse to do business with them or anyone that uses their services, that treats anyone like this. If they lie and think they can keep getting away with it I am not going to let them. Their are laws and being disabled I have nothing but time to spend, Monday morning contacting the Kansas State Attorney Gen office to see about filing a formal complaint for theft by deception and anything else.

The person on the phone kept saying they were protected by their terms of service but I also know that is for idiots that give up don't keep trying to go after Corps that take advantage of PPL take their money from them.

I can prove that the drive has lied at least twice if not more times. Love to see him picked up them have to bail him out of jail on his rout if nothing better then to prove my point about doing what they are supposed to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $125.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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