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Working hard to acquire a 7 truck FedEx Route in GA. Left me with spending over $5,000.00 and 500 emailed pages and numerous phone calls.

SBA application and much more.

The seller decided to change his mind and go with someone who paid cash

Needlessly to say I was extremely distraught!!

Though, it appears that nothing done was against the rules, unless you consider stringing a person along for weeks thinking that the contract would be signed

My question is how many African Americans are FedEx Route Owners. I read an article in Black Enterprise that FedEx is an Equal Opportunity Employer for African Americans.

Were they including Route Owners?

Why do you allow one FedEx Route Brokers to cover and entire NE/SE Region. That makes it difficult to negotiate different states if that person decided he/she does not choose to work with you.

I would greatly appreciate your response to this matter. I think this is a great program.

Not everyone has all cash, but we have some cash, and we qualify for loans.

Yes, it can take some time. Is there a way to create fair distribution for newcomers.

Thank you kindly for your response

Delois Thomas

Preferred solution: Route Ownership.

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

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It really depends on the Broker, although cash is always better. I had a similar experience trying to buy an 11 route in New England.

I didn't quit ,I ended up purchasing routes out west.

You can also try the buildingmygroundbiz however these are not purchased , so you'll have to build from the ground up. Once you get past approval Fedex is very supportive