I've had 5 things shipped through you guys. And every time its always been late.

Its bull and I never had to write a review on anything but had to write a reveiew. I've had places to go that I needed these things. I tracked my items and I would see it for 2 days in the same spot. The last thing I ordered was on Thursday and I know they wouldn't process till Friday.

So checked on Saturday and nothing happened and so checked Monday was processed or what ever said would be delvired on weds. Nope then checked on weds said Thursday. Nope checked Thursday said till Friday. So FedEx sucks.

ups is always on time and was way faster in shipping. I would order my stuff on Thursday and would get my things sometimes on Tuesday and weds the latest. But when I ordered things it would only have FedEx to ship.

I've paid extra or faster delivery and still not on time. Bull

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Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1122017

Ditto that for me. Packages do not seem to be updated for days on the FedEx tracking site and when a delivery date comes and goes without a delivery, suddenly the delivery date is revised several days into the future.

UPS never has this problem. I get updates at least daily and rarely have a package not delivered on the date promised.

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