Two weeks ago, I used fedex to ship a visa application and my passport to a consulate in Washington, D.C. I was super nervous about it because I would be giving them my passport and also, due to closely scheduled trips outside of the country, I only had 3 weeks to get my visa processed and there was no time to have anything go wrong. For that reason, I did not blink twice at spending a total of $100 for the express shipment to and from the consulate - I was desperate. The guy at the store assured me it would get to the consulate by 10:30 the next morning.

At 9:30 the next morning, I got an email saying there was a problem with the shipment address... turns out the consulate moved down the street so I gave them the new address and they said no problem, we will send it out today. I'm thinking, ok, little hiccup, wipe the sweat off my forehead, everything can still be ok.

4 days later, I found it odd that I had never received a delivery notice so I decided to check the tracking info on the website. It said my package was STILL AT THE CARRIER FACILITY!!! I panicked and called them and they said "something must have gone wrong and the carrier facility would be contacted right away". When I asked for the contact info in case I didn't hear from them, they said the carrier facility doesn't have a phone number so they will have to contact ME and it might not be until the next morning! When I asked them for a refund, seeing as "express" had now turned into no delivery at all, the woman said that she could not process refunds or connect me to an office that would help, I would have to call a different number and it could take 1.5 months to get my refund. I was fuming. Not only would I be paying $50 for NOTHING, I also might now not get my visa on time, all because Fedex is filled with idiots who can't do their jobs. Clearly the guys at the carrier facility are sitting around doing nothing, and at the mercy of no-one since even their own company can't contact them to check up on what they're doing!!!

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