Was at home awaiting a delivery. Driver didn't bother to ring doorbell.

Needed a signature, so he/she filled out one of those cards saying I wasn't home and stuck it to my window. He/she must have removed backing from the sticky portion of the card and simply thrown it on the ground, as that's where I found it.

Tried to call FedEx, got the computer response system and spent half hour trying to get it to zero in on my problem, which ended when they couldn't understand the word complaint. At least he/she didn't throw it over the fence.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Next time a fed ex guy or gal show up with your ***,why don't you tell them what you wrote on this site big mouth!!It's jerks like you who get my special treatment of your ***!!!Really want to hear your ***,tell me to my face ..After i'm finished with work we would talk about how i'll knock your teeth down your throat..funny how all of you run scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FedEx drivers do this *** ALL the time. Making fun of this complaint - like "miracle ear battery"...really?? - shows how ignorant you are or are paid by FedUp to post your dumb response.


Listen to how dumb you sound. Who does all that and doesn't knock.

I'm sure they want to come back again tomorro and do extra work.. Change the battery in your miracle ear dude

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