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This is what just happened on Saturday December 21, 2013 around 2PM at my address listed above.

I was sitting in my living room; I heard a very long (almost 1 minute long) ring from my door intercom.

I Answered: Yes

I heard: FedEx delivery

I said: Please come up. And I open the door from my door intercom

I heard again a very long ring (more than a minute) from my intercom

I answered again: Yes

I heard (in a threatening tone): I will not come up! You have to come down to get your package or I will return it to the sender! If you don’t come down I will return it to the sender.

I said: FedEx always comes up with my packages.

I said again: please wait, I am coming down.

I took my baby who was sleeping in my hands, and got down with her in this cold weather from the fifth floor to the building entrance (I can never leave my baby alone in the apartment)

When I got down my first question was: Are you newly employed?

He said: I would never come up to your apartment with the package.

He threw the package in front me (I was standing in front of the building entrance door with my baby in my hands)

I told him: I will fill an official and formal complaint against you and you will be fired for what you are doing.

He said: I don’t care. You can file.

He was going back and showed me his finger (middle finger) while I was standing with my baby in my hands. I did say he showed me his finger when he was walking down going out of my residential complex area.

And I helplessly pick up my item without having to sign for that. I went back to my apartment with my package, I got my computer, I quickly searched for FedEx customer care phone number, and explained all that just happened to the agent on the phone.

She wrote it officially, read it to me, and gave me a Case Study Number for further processing.

I wanted to called the Police Precinct in my area and explain them what just happened because I do not trust the cleanliness of this deliver guy.

Did I do the right thing so far?

Is there any other thing I need to do in your opinion to have this deliver guy fired?

Thank you for showing me the exact procedure I need to follow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #771966

tabenjamin, I know it's been a few weeks since you've posted, but if you come back to check, here's what you should do:

Google the email address of Fred Smith, of Fed Ex. Email him this exact story, even refer him to this post on this website.

If you still have the tracking number, provide it, as it will give the company the details of who delivered that package.

I had a bad experience with Fed Ex (not nearly as bad as your experience), and I got an immediate response from Fred Smith's office that included an apology and a refund of my shipping charges.

Again, my situation was poor service and lies, not a creepy scary experience like yours. I would hope your email would generate a stronger response.

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