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I had a package coming via the 3 Day Service which was supposed to deliver no later than 8pm last night. Usually, these packages arrive much earlier, so when it hadn't arrived by lunch time I got nervous.

Tracking reveals the package arrived in Memphis at midnight Monday night (June 29th) and remained in Memphis until 8:30am Thursday morning! This was the last tracking entry reported, when it left Memphis, Thursday morning at 8:30. No updates all day yesterday. Estimated deliver time remained at 8pm online and by phone all day.

Finally, spoke to an actual person, in goodness knows what country, at 8:01pm last night. I was told that thunderstorms had caused a delay and that my package would be delivered by 8pm today. This morning, the estimated delivery time is listed as "N/A" and has yet to show any updates. Again, I called and spoke to a customer service rep.

There was a lot of "ummm....ahhhh...ummmm....well......there was a delay because a lot of rain" What?! I was assured that poor weather in Memphis had caused the delay. I pointed out that their own records indicated that the package left Memphis early yesterday and had surely landed SOMEWHERE by now. Their site also indicates no weather delays today and states that all FedEx services are operating normally.

At that point the CSR said he would contact my local FedEx station to see if they had the package. I pointed out that the package SHOULD have been checked in at the Portland, OR location, then been transported to my local station. I asked to have the number so I could call myself. Ha!

He said "No, no, no...I will send message..they call you back.." So far...nothing...surprise! I am BEYOND pissed at this point. Have two irritated customers waiting on me and I can't even find out WHERE on earth my package is, never mind when or IF I'll ever get it. Dreadful customer service.

We're not ***, FedEx. We don't appreciate being lied to.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Being lied to, Evaded, Package getting lost, No call back, Lack of tracking updates.

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