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My former employer is trying to send me my last paycheck. They told me they would mail it. People who use "mail" and "fed-ex, signature required" to mean the same things are morons. Needless to say, I'm glad I don't work there anymore.

I live in a city where thousands of people live in buildings where there is no one to sign for a package. The fact that I was home to sign for it is infuriating to me. As the Fed Ex customer service rep will tell you over and over again, they don't issue the drivers cell phones. No, that would make sense when trying to get a hold of people who are inside waiting for their package instead of using broken call boxes that are out of date and tied to land lines. After the first attempt on Friday, (to which like a former reviewer noted, the message was that they had the wrong address) the customer service rep said she'd have the office call when the driver was in the vicinity so I could go down and wait for it, on Monday.

So today is Monday, I sat like a prisoner all day waiting for the call. At 1:30 I went to get my regular mail and there was the final delivery notice hanging on the door. I called Fed Ex and asked why no one had called me as they said they would. They LOVE to repeat that they don't issue the drivers cell phones, I said I know, I was told the dispatch office would call when the driver was in the vicinity. Oh, that's optional and your record didn't update and we'll schedule a re-delivery for today, oh yes, it will happen today.

At 3:30, I get the call, yay! Nope. She's just telling me that they'll try to reschedule, the drivers don't have phones, blah, blah blah.

Tomorrow it will be redelivered to a store location near me and I can go get it. Super.

3 deliveries, 4 phone calls, no package.

Fed Ex--Enter the 1990's and issue your drivers cell phones and perform customer service.

I'm only shipping UPS from here on. I pray that no one uses Fed Ex to send me anything.

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