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I had today very bad experience from the customer service at

12513 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125 47.71971 -122.29506 , the employee his name Jonathan he was very rude and play with his words to take advantage of the customers especially those who their English is not their first language also he did not show any respect to the customers especially those who seems minority.

The interesting thing this guy Jonathan said that he is going to be the manager. I am really surprise how Fedex choose their managers and promote them inorder to insult the customers and be rude with them.

I asked Jonathan that if I want to print 150 pages but I want to save money so I want to print it double faced ( it will become 75 sheets only) because the economy is bad and I am a student.

Jonathan looked at me in very rude way and laughed in way he was making fun at me and he said "I am still going to charge you for the 150 sheets because we do not care if you print 150 pages or one page!! Also he said if that does not work for you , you can leave and print them in other place."

My message to Fedex that your employees very rude and this guy Jonathon that he is going to be promoted to manager was very rude today and his atitude with the custmor was very bad and rude... I will not go to Fedex again .. I will go to other places where they appreciate the customers and treat them with smile and respect even when they are minorities. I will go to other places where they feel the bad economy that we have now and be helpful to the customers especially the students.


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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #246687

sorry, seems like you just want to play the race card where it really isn't still wanted to print 150 pages, doesn't seem to matter if the were single or double, the math is till the same. this is a silly complaint.


Yeah you seem to be finding racism where it isn't, pretty common in todays world.


first of all, if you're a student and you're grammar is that poor, you should just drop out now. second of all, because you're a minority, you think you have this target on your back and that you're special in some sort. get a life and find something else to do with your time, like learning grammar, instead of *** about nothing on here.

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