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Yesterday I received a call from a Fedex Kinkos in another state, on my cell phone telling me my order was ready. When I questioned the order they told me they were in a southern state nowhere near where I reside.

Suspicious because I recently had my credit card number compromised twice in 2 months, I asked how they got my name and number but after going round and round, got no answer. I hung up and decided to call back, and asked to speak to the manager who was not around, I asked to make a note that I did not order anything and that noone should use a credit card to pay for this, to please leave a note and have the manager call me. Noone called me.

Tonight the same out of state kinkos called again to let me know it was paid for, when I questioned what they did, the young man hung up on me. I called back still no manager to be found.

I called corporate noone there either. Identity theft really leaves you feeling helpless, but when poor customer service just adds to your troubles-- who needs it. I have given Kinkos a lot of business over the years, not any more.

And I will go to Law enforcement and if the kinkos system had anything to do with this identity breach, I will see them in court. I am pissed.

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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #825280

More than likely another customer gave FedEx Office the wrong number, which just happened to be your number. FedEx Office does not store credit card info and so would not have your card # unless you or someone else gave it to them.

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