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At 1115 pm on Rt 78 near Fogelsville, PA, A fedex driver in a single rear wheeled truck nearly drove through me. To make things worse, this was in a construction zone and I was doing the speed limit for the zone?

Why doesn't FedEx have a driver complaint website? Doesn't FedEx train their drivers to follow the laws of the road?

Is it okay for a FedEx driver to speed in a road construction zone? Thank god I could pull into the right lane through the cones, since the driver nearly hit the car in front of me.

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STEVEN,In case you are not aware of this.November,2012 has not arrived yet.WTF.


I also had a bad insident with a Fed Ex driver in Boca Raton Fl. November, 2012.

I was in the Left turn lane on N.W. 2 Av. turning onto Spanish River Rd. (40 St.) This is a very busy intersection and I was waiting for my chance to turn.

The Fed Ex driver was pissed that I did not jump in front of oncomming traffic and proceeded to blast his truck horn at me. After the light turned yellow and traffic stoped I then turned left. The Fed Ex driver ran the red light drove around the left side of my van and then cut short into my lane forcing me to hit the brakes. This is the ONLY reason there was not an accident.

Two city blocks east the traffic light was red and the railroad crossing arms were down do to the Tri Rail crossing Spanish River Road. This overly agressive hot tempered hate filled driver is a poor example of a professional driver. Fed Ex officials expressed little to no concern on this matter when I called. They will not remove their driver and place a competant person in the hot heads place.

Of all the unemployed persons the U.S.A. has now,it would be of little effort to refill and replace a potential murder Before someone looses their loved ones. I have now started my boycott and will Not use Fed Ex in the future.

I can not put money in a drivers check that displays No positive concern for another human beings right to obey the LAWS of the road much less just common courtesy. Shame on the violent driver and Shame on Fed Ex Execs.

to Steven #982645

FYI that driver doesn't work for FedEx, he works for a contractor that more than likely under pays him, gives no benefits or incentive to care. NO, fedex doesn't train drivers because they don't work for them, it's another case of they just want the numbers and don't care how they get them.


going south and I-65 near mobile al and fedex truck comes up behind me and almost pushes me off the road I get over and he shoots me a bird when he goes by


fedex gives you impossible work loads. i do 200-300 miles a day and 100 drops and that is expected to be done before i run out of hours by dot regulations i was sent out with pink eye my eyes swollen shut and threattened to be fired if i went to the doctor.. they are a *** poor company to work for

to fedex driver out of hunker ter #699147

cry baby

to Anonymous #982646

***, you have no clue the B.S we have to deal with, people like you mainly.


All the comments I have read on this page are true. Mostly due to the fault of the company rather than the driver, due to the fact that they only care about the bottom line and not their employees, who are at this time under to much pressure and afraid of loosing their jobs, due to gross mismanagement

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #192560

anybody think of calling a cop?


l stayed home all day waiting for my fedex shipment l call fedex va. beach va.

to check on my shipment they said the truck is on the way and not to worry my shipment will be deilvered tonight. At 1940 hrs. l went to fedex on line and what did l see the driver said he attempted to deliver the shipment but no one was home that BS l have been waiting all day for this shipment. so l call the next day and they said don't worry its just the second attempt he will attempt today that's just not right FEDEX should be better than that.

I am a very dissatisfied customer, But not for long its time for USPS. :?


I was terrorised by a Fedex driver in a Ford Transit type van between Edinburgh Airport and Edinburgh around 19.40 on 6th April 2010. I was sticking to the 30 mph speed limit going thro roadworks when the van several times came within inches of the rear of my car and flashed its lights.

Its reg number was SJ04 XGN. Is there anyone I can complain to?


I worked at FedEx for several years. Very difficult place to work.

Very poor management. You are dead right about the packages being abused. The people who "Pull the belt" are usually overworked. The managers always crank up the belt speeds, start them before everyone is in position to improce their on paper performace.

As for lying to the customer, FedEx as a whole is a company mired in falsification. Everyone, especially the employees are lied to by the management. Any kind of dissent is viewed upon as a major annoyance and is targeted for more abuse.

Mangers lecture employees to follow policy but routinely instruct employees to ignore it at will. I had many good friends there and miss my customers whom I worked hard for, but thank God I am out of there!!!


I am a very dissatisfied customer, Twice packages have been delivered to the wrong home... one a fedex agent did not look on the apartment number and i did double check with phone company and fedex to make sure they send the delivery to the correct apartment...

The agent just gave the package to the first person they see and believe that they known me and they did not... i went through two hold weeks of *** to get a 300 dollar phone to be replace.. The second time , which i told my parent not used fedex because of poor employment... they sent six boxes...

i call and check for the deliver time, they told up to 8p at night.. so i call back again about 7p no, delivery... call fedex, they say the offices is closed in my area and no show for the six boxes.... Now this is completly ***...

an, i am not a satisfied customer..

Will not used them ever, ever, ever again... There worthless and they dont care...


Yes same for me, a FedEx driver with Indiana trailer license T725871 and the cab said 239039 on the side, practically ran me over when he got stuck in a left hand turn lane & wanted to go straight on a one lane road. Either that or he'd planned on avoiding traffic on Rt 59 in Spring Valley, NY at rush hour today.

From what I can tell, FedEx is trying to save money by keeping drivers as independent contractors, which would mean they probably don't care to spend the money on a how-s my driving hotline. I'd worked as a third shift package handler for them previously. They pay only $10 per hour for heavy lifting, and I was informed upon taking the job that they don't retain employees because of the low pay rate, and they make sure you stay 'part-time' by sending far to many packages down the line at once. Some packages had blood all over them, no lie.

If you wonder why your materials are breaking, it might be because people on the line don't have time to read more than the address on the line to sort it, and packages routinely fall off the line because it is moving too fast for the workers. Although, I can never say I saw a 'fragile' box, only haz-mat's that I was afraid to touch. And to top it off, I had to move after leaving the company, & my tax return was sent to my old address. I called every office in the Fed Ex directory, and no one knew where I would get my tax information from to file a return!

I did not expect such disorganization from such a big company.

I think the time is now to boycott! They really do a dirty business there it seems

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