I have witnessed some substandard driving from Fedex drivers before, but yesterday took the cake. I saw a driver, in one of the larger semi-trucks speed, drive in two lanes at once and, to top it off, blow through a red light and almost hit some turning left in the oncoming lane.

I think your drivers need to attend a more involved driving standards class. Maybe driving a commercial truck like it is a Honda Civic is not the best way to deliver packages in a timely manner.

Just got off the phone with customer service and they did not even want to hear about what happened without taking my name and number first. Some complaints department. Not to mention the customer service rep.

could barely speak English. What a fantastically terrible company.

So I will post it here. The driver's license plate number was P833760 if you see this truck it has probably got a dangerous driver behind the wheel.

Preferred solution: better driving standard from your drivers.

FedEx Pros: Didnt like.

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