Trinity, Texas

Driver # 111462 for FEDEX, showed up at residence late after hours; driving passed house at reckless speed only to throw the pkg out at the barn door at the back of the property over a 1/4 mile away.

Instructions for delivery: to call the residence when it was delivered(never happened). The pkg was left outside without anyone knowing about it for 12hrs, while being exposed to weather and animals; The neighbors called and let us know a FedEx driver had been seen flying down my road and they got his truck number above.

FedEx customer support was notified and asked if a pkg was delivered and they said nothing had been scanned in or delivered at my residence.

The pkg was discovered, next day, by family pet while we were looking for it. The pkg covering showed signs of small animal marks and skid marks; luckily the contents were intact. Last time I will ever use FedEx again, even if there is no other option, luckily there are always options for 'reliable' shipping.

The only positive I've seen with FedEx is the customer support were very nice; too bad their drivers are not.

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Spears, whats wrong with leaving pkg with a neighbor?this way tou get you china-mart JUNK,YES JUNK..also the porch will do for your JUNK,WHAT THE *** DO YOU EXPECT really!!!DO you need your *** handed to you?then go to the STORE,the cashier will hand you the *** then you will be happy.. THT is all


Call before delivery ??do you give the driver money for the call?who do you think you are..This whole post is just so not true..Bryan it's BRAKES not breaks dumdass


You can call fedex and file a complaint about *** drivers..I had 1 pull over in front of me in a tractor trailer..I had to slam on the breaks and go into the turn lane..Thank god there wasn't anyone coming..I wrote down his license plate and truck number..If I don't hear back I will call again..They don't own the road but some of them think they do..I will continue to complain until they do something to the ***..I will not back down..


If this was FedEx home delivery, I'm not entirely surprised. Their home delivery drivers are not company employees, they're contractors.

They get paid a flat weekly fee regardless of how long it takes to deliver their packages. It is no surprise to me that they will leave your package with a neighbor or just leave it sitting on your porch and drive off.

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