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We are located in Valentine Ln, Yonkers, and we and our neighbors

have been recording and taking pictures of Fedex drivers malpractice of leaving notes for packages without even trying to get access or ringing customers apartment number.

Then they post something like this on the tracking info "NO ACCESS", even when the client was there.

We saw a driver on video that came with the ticket ready, post it on the door, and leaved, then posted that we were not home, but it happened to be that we were at the main door when he did this. Not even a try to get into the building.

That is creating a lot of headaches to residents, but it is a common practice of Fedex and USPS.

We are collecting a group of residents to call the news, but i decided to post it here first.

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I have a similar problem in Philly. This past winter I was waiting on a package from FedEx.

Mind you it had snowed ( a few inches) 3 days prior and the streets and sidewalks were clear. I had Amazon delivery, UPS & USPS out. I watched them deliver across the street and figured they'd come here next. Well, that didn't happen!

They put that they were unable to deliver due to inclement weather.

Yet they had no problem delivering across the street. Then there are the times were they ring the bell as they are walking away and either my package is left outside my building (on a busy street) or there's a missed delivery not saying "no access' or "not available/business closed"

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