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so i ship a package out international and the fedex pickup driver does not give my a copy of my airway bill number. i call in to ask fedex to give it to me and they tell me they can't. i gave them my address, the receivers address and also told them to call the phone number on the package which will be my phone number and they're still telling they can't help me out.

I mean what kind of customer service is this?....they don't even realise the urgency of my situation to try something to help.

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Boulder, Colorado, United States #755025

Fed Ex is an inferior delivery company, who is irresponsible and unreliable. Even when they admit that they don't know where a package is, they don't TRY to locate it and make it right.

Their attitude is "Oh, well" - "that's too bad for you". I was told, "Why don't you go back to the online company and try ordering it again.

Are they kidding me? Why would I want them to "not deliver" two orders?

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #654593

Fed Ex claimed they reached my house, knocked, no one answer and leave a note when I am actually sitting at the window playing with my kid! The truth is, they never come to my house to deliver my item! Suck delivery company !!!


After 5 years living at a 200 year old house that sits on the primary street in a town of 8,189 people. Fed Ex still can not find the house, excuses of incorrect addresses is what I get.

So I used every mapping system and GPS I could get a hold of.

And surprise they brought me to the correct address. Fed Ex is the worse shipping company to ever deal with unless you want it a month late.


:( Fed ex are kak!If sent two packages to PE RSA.Only one got to the destination.It took me 2 hours of phoning FED ex and still, NOTHING!!!i've worked with a lot of courier companys and fedex is by FAR the worst

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