Fedex are bad , they simply dont deliver , they claim that they came and rang the buzz number and the customer was not available when the truth is that they just go to the place to deliver a note.

This is a clever way to to get the shipment charges without working for it .

Never never never deal with them and I personally know some friends and I myself will stop dealing with any store that delivers via Fedex.

In my first dealing with them I blamed the store and cancelled the lesson bargain , but that happened again and I learned my

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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i don't understand this. WHY would we go through the trouble of writing out a door tag and hitting extra buttons on the powerpad when we could just deliver the package?

and if we leave a door tag we just have to come back the next day to reattempt delivery.

i don't understand why anyone would do this. this complaint is always so ***.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #918602

My Christmas packege never arrived. The tracking Number is on the label,

I think, that Fed ex rips them off on purpose, or they have lousy labels.

It came from Pittsburgh, it is now sitting in Charlotte, NC. They are too lazy

to open them, even if you give them all the information

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