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Original review updated by user Nov 27, 2021

This is a GENERAL critique of ALL the FedEx Corporation stores but since I have recently been frequenting the Seventh Street store near Pennsylvania Avenue in DC and the Silver Springs Maryland store I'll relate my experiences based on those two:

The FedEx Corporation services have become INCREASINGLY DEFICIENT and DEFECTIVE:

They have ERADICATED the hard drive technology allowing usage of CD-ROMs. Now you can only use flash drives for viewing any stored information.

When I inquired the reason, the staff stated "progress" and that the CDs were "obsolescent technology". WHAT ABOUT CUSTOMER CHOICE??

They have ERADICATED the time suspension option on their computer system for holding your place online ten minutes when you need to add money to your card so you don't LOSE your place and have to start ALL OVER to find it! NOW you DO!! You have to LOG OUT when you need to add money, thus getting RIPPED OFF for the EXTRA TIME you now PAY FedEx per minute finding it again!

Even though the computer usage fee is only $.40 a minute, that is still ALMOST TWICE what it used to be when costing only a quarter!

They have ERADICATED the INSERT card method of payment processing and replaced it with the SWIPE method at the computers and photocopiers.... which NOT ONLY ALLOWS them to RIP YOU OFF by NOT showing how much you have spent when photocopying so you have to rely on the counter clerks' computers to tell you how much is remaining on the card, BUT it causes OTHER "GLITCHES". When I left the Seventh Street store the last time I was there to go to the Silver Springs store for what I HOPED would be better service, I had a balance remaining of FIVE DOLLARS on the card. By the time I got to the Silver Springs store and put the card in the machine it showed ZERO!

HOW did FIVE DOLLARS just VANISH??!! UNless they "ZIPPED" IT OFF electronically somehow! Not only that, but when I put ONE DOLLAR on the card and made ONE color photocopy print for $.65, the copier then told me I did NOT "have enough money on the card for continued use"!! Apparently it CAN'T COMPUTE, because $1.00-.65 leaves a balance of $.35---- ENOUGH for TWO black/white photocopies at $.15 each!!

I have been informed they are ERADICATING the convenient card dispenser and loader kiosks!!

The store in Bethesda, Maryland already DOES NOT have one. You have to NOT ONLY RELY on the counter clerks to tell you what your balance remaining on the card is BUT you have to PAY THEM now to "load" it for you!! THAT will SOON be the ONLY way, so you BETTER START collecting ALL the receipts.... IF THAT will do any good!

The store on Seventh Street in DC used to have at least ONE employee knowledgeable about the computer system.

The last time I was there EVEN HE 'played dumb" and pretended that he didn't know how to do a screenshot saver, which is what necessitated my having to go all the way out to the Silver Springs store. He told me that to copy and print out a frame of a YouTube video I wanted I had to press the "Control P" buttons for regular printing, which would print the entire screen "page" including all the superfluous imagery and data. He claimed THAT was "the only way" he knew how to do it. At least in the Silver Springs store I found out how to do the "snip and sketch" screenshot with the crossmark scanner that printed ONLY the paused video frame I wanted.

BUT it COST ME in OTHER ways. When I got on the computer, I didn't know they had eliminated the time suspension option so I LOST ANOTHER FIVE DOLLARS that way trying to figure it out. And of course having to put ANOTHER FIVE DOLLARS on the card and taking about three minutes to find my place again (without SUPPOSEDLY being charged for the "initialization" start-up process) I LOST $1.20 at $.40 per minute. BUT since ONE color printout is only $2.12, I SHOULD HAVE HAD enough to cover it.

THEIR computer system kept showing I DIDN'T, even though the INITIAL balance REMAINING on the card was $3.80 and any further addition of FIVE DOLLARS would have showed even MORE time, as INDEED my receipts DID!! THIS just goes to show they CAN MANIPULATE the money/time usage ratio on the customer cubicle computers FROM the ones at the counter; though the computer log SHOWED THE SAME BALANCE AS THE RECEIPTS!!

And while a staff member at the Silver Springs store ADMITTED there are "GLITCHES" with the new system, she told me they still "have to go by what THE COUNTER COMPUTERS tell them", EVEN WHEN CONTRADICTING NOT ONLY the log of the customer cubicle computers BUT THEIR OWN PRINTOUT RECEIPTS!! And there is NO email customer service address to send your complaints to for a PERSONAL response since it's all "virtual" now!!

User's recommendation: GO TO STAPLES IF CLOSER.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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