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i send iphone to my best friend in ukraine almost 3 weeks ago and it is not deliverd yet with every day promises to me and the recepient gurantee delive tomorrow and tomorrow never come track 872904544563

can some one help and find out what is the problem with no lies any custom or any taxes please add it on my account with fedex

my name is ahmed attia , i live in usa , i send that shipment with fed ex an no body mention about any problem except gurantee delivery in one week


thanks you


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Hey Attia & the anonymous poster,

I did too ship a small (1.5 kg) parcel to someone in Ukraine-Zhitomir on the 17th, delivery was promised by the 24th by the accepting agent at the authorized FedEx center. Then it's been changed to 25th on-line when I tracked it though it was CRUCIAL it arrives before the 15th since the documents where needed the morning of the 25th. following multiple calls to FedEx, I was told every time that they will send a message to Ukraine to expedite the package once in Ukraine.

on the morning of 24th I called, yet again, to follow up on the status of the package since the on-line tracking is NOT real-time update & was told that the package was refused by customs since it contained a 100 gr pack of tea from David's Tea (very known US company) which is prohibited food item. following my extensive research I found out that tea is NOT prohibited it's RESTRICTED and must meet specific criteria to pass the customs, my tea does fall into this category and should be allowed entry.

Now FedEx is telling me that the only 2 options I have is to have it shipped back to me (please note that I paid $156.36 CAN to get it shipped via International Priority service) at my own cost OR have it stored in "lost & found" department (which really means that the contents will be divided among the lucky employees of Ukraine). OBVIOUSLY the 2nd option is NOT an option since this parcel contains personal important original documents & the 1st option is just outrageous that I should have to pay AGAIN & that due to this adventure the documents were not delivered in time.

I suggested they remove & throw out the tea from the package & clear the rest to which they replied they don't do partial clearance.

I need help with 2 questions:

1. how do I fight that this tea is an allowed item based on their own law/regulations

2. if #1 fails, how do I achieve them partially clear the package by removing the tea?

Please, someone, I could REALLY use some help!!!!




sounds like your phone got held up in customs. fedex and all the other carriers have no control over if it gets held.

sometimes there are restricted items for certain countries, and customs will hold it to have duties paid. or send back to shipper.

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