Watch out for Fed Ex in Batam. We had a package shipped from the middle east to Batam.

We received notice that the package had customs import tax due before we could receive teh package. So like any other company we agreed to pay the fee of Rp 300000. After Fed Ex delivered the package they gave us a receipt for handling charges only. I called and asked why we had to pay handling charges when it was supposed to be Customs Tax?

The lady at Fed Ex Batam (Dia) told me that i didnt know the law in Indonesia and had no idea what i was talking about. So i made it very clear to her that i needed an official Customs receipt the same as you would get from other delivery services like TNT, DHL or TIKI or we wanted our money back.

Well dont you know that within 20 minutes the Fed Ex delivey guy was back in our office returning the Rp 300000 to us.

So be aware and always ask for the Customs receipt from Fed Ex!

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Anytime you use FedEx or UPS to ship from another country, you will always pay an import tax. FedEx and Ups and services like it charge you for the convenience of clearing your package through customs. if you only ship through a postal service, you will only pay import duty, not the brokerage fee.

I will also add that any import tax is charged by your own government and no shipping service has anything to do with it.

to People are so dumb #943019

I think you dont understand what the guy stated!!!

if you stay in Indonesia, you will know how FedEx work. Everybody that import goods know that it is obligation to pay import tax, service tax, and GST/VAT.

But this FedEx just useless.

my goods arrive in Jakarta from Korea on Monday the 2nd Feb from Korea and until today 9th Feb they cant even deliver the goods and try to blame the custom, traffic and flood all the excuses that they can make. On the other hand, TNT pick up another goods from Korea on the 5th Feb afternoon, and they delivered my goods just now (9th Feb)

you can see how FedEx work in Indonesia right!!!!!!

and they love to drag more time so they can charge customer with extra warehouse fee, that's the way they work in here

Normal practice for TNT and DHL, Custom Clearance max 1 day for FedEx 3 days or more

Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia #775708

Shipped package from china to surabaya

The FEDEX tracking notification said that the package has arrive to surabaya, i waited for 2 days and there is no notification so i called the customer service.

The toll free number doesn't work, then i called FEDEX main office in my city (surabaya) - no one answer - so i called FEDEX Jakarta customer service, he said "oh the package already arrived to surabaya, pls call FEDEX surabaya main office", and he gave me another different number, then i call... Someone picked up and said "oh, this is the number of finance department, u can contact the other number (first FEDEX Surabaya's number i called) or Jakarta's office number, this is the phone number"

Then i called FEDEX Jakarta again ( the number that given from her), and she said " oh, that was and international shipping, this is the domestic shipping department, pls call this number (the first FEDEX Jakarta CS number )"

I was thinking OMG, they ping pong me.

After that, Finally the FEDEX CS gave an answer, that the package is still in clearance delay because they doesn't believe the declared invoice, so i must pay the custom taxes fee which is IDR 307,000,- and said if i agree to pay, they will release the package.

And i said OK. After waiting for several days, i called again the FEDEX Jakarta's CS, he said that i must pay IDR 348,000 something. He said that there is extra charge because my package was staying at their warehouse more than 3 days!!

:x then i complain why FEDEX didn't inform me when they know about the delay, they CS said "ummmm, errrrrr,,ummmmm" so *** action!!!!! I will never use FEDEX EVER !!!


Please improve FedEx Indonesia quality and management. They SUCKS!

Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia #732578

Yes I am also tottally upset about fedexand the customer service playing dummy and don´t give any answer when I call !

I am very upset about your service and at least you charge for cutomer clearance to much !!!! They don´t like to explain why I have to pay on one package with a value of 140 USD inport tax 717.000RP Invoice OR No.0197467018.Okt.2013 and on my second package I have to pay for a value of 130 USD - invoice OR No .01975629 21.Okt.2013 about 840.000 RP Both package are car dvd-player !


And at least this charge is almost 50 % of the value of the package. Fedex make here extra money and no one do anything against this scam company in indonesia.

Batam, Riau, Indonesia #724761

Shipped package from America, arrived yesterday and they tried to hit us up for IDR50000 ($5 US) for an 'extra delivery charge' - I asked at the door and this charge would have been give no receipt and the paperwork they showed me to pay this extra had no duplicates and was on a photocopied FedEx letter head about the size of a 1/4 of an a4 sheet of paper.

Batam, Riau, Indonesia #670024

Shipped documents from Berlin to Batam in two days. Great job, great service, great price.

Thanks or Terima Kasih to Pak Wedi Sediawan at FedEx Komplek Nagoya Hill. You are the Batam King :)

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