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So, I bought a portable NES system on ebay from California.I live in Connecticut so I knew it would take a while to arrive.

Unfortunately I didn't know what I was getting into. Apparently the ebay store I bought my game from is associated with a program called Fedex Smart Post. I'm just finding out now that this FSP, I'll call it, sends your order all over creation before you get it. I'll mention again that I live in Connecticut.

I saw on the tracking information last night that my package had reached Willington Connecticut so I thought I'd get it today. HAHAHA NOT! Turns out this morning, my package was sent to Massachusetts! I did some research online and found others in the same predicament where their packages arrive close to their home at one moment and then the next they get shipped to another state for more processing!

I'm trying to tack down my package now to see if I can stop it and pick it up myself! Lesson to be learned today, before you buy make sure you ask if the company uses Fedex Smart Post. I will take forever and a day for your items to be delivered.

I do not recommend using Fedex Smart Post.

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I'm another victim of StupidPost...NEVER again!!

Tracking says that the item went out on a truck, 3 miles from here, over a week ago. Fedex has no clue...I've never felt so helpless with a delivery service

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