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i was a contractor delivering truckloads of fedex freight to post offices in east texas while contracted to tiger logistics out of memphis,tn.i quit because they were taking unfair deductions from my pay settlements.

after i quit they cut my fuel surcharge in half which amonted to $400 loss. they also failed to pay me for my last delivery day $305 loss. after more than 3 months of exchanging emails & texts i still have not been paid. many people wonder why the service supplied by fedex is so unreliable they may want look at tiger logistics.

a company that cheats the poeple that are making them money surely couldn't care less about quality control. remember this,most of the fedex smartpost freight delivered to post offices in a large portion of this country is by tiger logistics, 2504 mount moriah rd. suite D-360,memphis,tn38115 toll free # 877-260-9930 fax# 901-260-9931.

i'm sure they would appreciate hearing your complaints & concerns so they can improve the efficiency of their company.this would also help fedex increase their bottom line public opinion


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I'm one of the many FedEx home delivery contractors who quit because FedEx rips you off pay wise


Now as of today Tiger Logistics shut their doors!This company was nothing but ***!

Cut our insurance, paychecks bounced, the hours were horrible! I begged my husband to find a different job when our 1st check bounced! Heard a big exec was arrested for embezzelment! GO FIGURE!

No wonder!

March 12,2014 :(

to Cyndy #808396

Who was arrested?Any information you have about Tiger Logistics would be greatly appreciated.

For instance, names of executives, news stories, even names of individuals who may know things.

I represent someone they injured and have hit dead end after dead end.I want nothing more than to hold them accountable.

to cb1028 Texas, United States #865692

Tiger logistics was run by four individuals that had their heads up their **** .Dwan " The Chump" Henderson, Major ***hole Smith, Ken "The Money Magician" Balkuanas and Tommy " The Wimp" Werkhoven.

They still owe me 5 paychecks and over $700 in deductions for damages that another driver caused. They had me terminate the driver before they could charge him, So the Genius's decided to charge me. Which i fought.

One day karma will get them.


My husband works for Tiger Logistics.They are taking $230.00 out of everyone of his checks for "damage".

However the owern is a HUGE PUSS! He will not talk to my husband nor will he supply any documentation. Now; my husbands pay check bounced. MAJOR IS A HUGE PUSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He cheats his employees and won't answer or return a phone call!I HOPE THIS MAN GOES BANKRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well joe first off.I worked for tiger and it was a choice on my part.

Concerning driving long hours. There were plenty of days that I would work all day delivering cabinets and then have to go on a out of state run that put me over my driving hours and have proof to that. So get ur facts straight. And understand that different people that don't know each other saying same thing.

Huh. Mass And federal labor laws state that the employer may not deduct money from an employees check without written consent from that employee. So before you state something do your research.

Just because someone drives a truck does not mean they are ***.

Just because a person is not at the company and tells the truth does not mean they are a disgruntled.Not all people get fired some quit because they see what is wrong with the company.


I have worked at Tiger Logistics for three years and while there have been issues the management has tried to resolve the problems right away.They have grown so fast that I think it has been difficult for them to keep up.

There have been quite a few "BAD" manager and driver hires and it sounds like a few have posted comments here. The Company as a whole is solid and the future is very promising.

They project to hit $30 million in sales in 2012.Sorry, but I guess some of you just couldn't cut it.


-Highly unorganized.

-Unrealistic expectations.

-Willing to make you do whatever it takes no matter the cost.

-Sly and Deceiving.

I worked at the Shreveport location. It was months behind on "home direct" deliveries. They only have one truck, with no manager at the warehouse. They work the *** out of those people up there making them work 15+ hours a day. I was hired as a driver, the next day the manager quit and they made me a manager. They expected me to learn everything in 1 day with someone that was demoted from the management position training me. Needless to say I quit when I found out what was going on. I went today only to find they did not have my paycheck, meaning they probably did not even put it into payroll. Wow, I wish the best of luck to anyone that wants to work here.


Joe, your an ***!Tiger logistics is the most crooked cheating incompetent company I have ever dealt with, and that is from management up.

We came in for work a week or so ago and were told that ''effective immediately'' our pay changed and was lower. Then were told again today it was lower still.

Good luck getting a pay check on time too!This place is a joke, do not work there!!!


payroll IS a nightmare...then wait on your 1099"s til end of feb or march..what a laugh.

they will tell you anything to drag you along.

mass confusion comes to mind with shoot from the hip-crisis management decisions. yep, stay clear or "i told you so"

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