Somerville, Tennessee
Not resolved

About two yrs ago my brother-in-law was having his meds delivered like always and used to fedex coming thru the property real fast dirt flying all over and the drivers were told to slow down please because we have dogs that run around. Well it happened like I thought it would.

It was cold and I knew when my inside dog didn't come when I called her that some thing was wrong. I found my dog all flat like she was ran over with big tires. I had a witness to what happen because they saw the truck and when they walked down road well any way, when I called the company all I got was we will check in to it. It never has been resolved and it isn't like a dog one has had for along time can be replaced, but at least fedex could have shows they gave a ***.

I don't hate any one but company's like this suck at relations.

thanks fedex for being ***. From the sad woman in Willis,Tx.

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