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BEWARE OF FEDEX! If you want your packages delivered on time, or just plain delivered, use USPS or UPS.

USPS is my favorite. FedEx delivery problems I have had over the past 40 (!!!!) years: 1. They cannot find my house. There are only 8 houses on my street and my mailbox at the foot of the driveway has the house number on both sides in 5 inch reflective characters.

2. My gate was locked. I do not have a gate, 3. My driveway was inaccessible.

My driveway is 150 feet long up a hill. It is paved with a turnaround at the top. UPS and USPS have no trouble driving up to deliver packages. 4.

They left the package at my gate. I repeat myself, but I don't have a gate, or a fence either. 5. My dog made them nervous.

I do not have a dog. 6. They left large heavy packages at the foot of my driveway. I am a 78 year old, disabled, widow.

It is their job to deliver my packages to my front door - not mine! 7. They have placed packages in my mailbox which is illegal unless it is a "Smart Post" delivery - which these were not. 8.

They have lost packages. OK, the supplier files a claim and sends me a new item - BUT NOT WHEN I WANTED IT. 9. They left a package clearly marked "Fragile," "Perishible" floating around Memphis for an extra day.

i don't know about you, but I get nervous about eating frozen seafood that has defrosted in Memphis. 10. Three packages to be delivered on the same day, all requiring my signature, were placed on three different trucks. Two arrived, the third did not.

Apparently FedEx does not have the ability to sort packages by zip code, and place them on the same trucks. 11. They were unable to contact the driver to check about a delivery. Yes, this WAS in 2017.

Cell phones anyone? They need to set up some sort of communication process. 13. FedEx outsources much of their delivery in San Antonio.

This is about as successful as government outsourcing. I could go on, but I am tired. The package that was suppose to arrive yesterday by 5:40 PM came at 11:18 PM. Unfortunately, at the suggestion of a FedEx supervisor, I gave up and went to sleep at 10:30.

Since the package required a signature, it was not left at my door. Maybe tomorrow . . .

Since I have filed multiple complaints about all of these problems with FedEx management, one would think that any package with my name and address would trigger flashing red lights and alarms, Well, maybe they do. . . A warning to FedEx.

With the advent of more on-line shopping, people will be depending on shipping companies that care about customer service.

FedEx used to be the gold standard, but no more. You are not too big to fail, ask JC Penny, Sears, etc.

Review about: Fedex Overnight Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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