Valencia, Pennsylvania

I had my door blocked before by a heavy package delivered by FedEx. I ordered a lot of things and saw they were coming FedEx.

I emailed FedEx with the tracking numbers I was given and asked that they put a note on them asking the driver to not block the door. My screen door opens out. The response was the packages had not shipped yet and to try again in a couple of days. The first of the 3 packaged arrived and was placed on the welcome mat right in front of the door trapping me inside my home.

I didn't discover this until about 7 pm when I went out to get the mail and could not get out. I called customer service and complained. The person who took my information went to speak with her manager and disconnected me. I called back and explained again what happened.

The lady was very sympathetic and tried 3 calls and an email to the manager of the office that delivered this package but they never answered.

I am now trapped in my home over night unless I call 911 and have the fire department rescue me. I hope none of my neighbors have a cooking accident and burn the house down.

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