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Paid fedex for next day delivery in florida (no storms, no snow) When i complained that they breached the contract and i want them to make good on their promise of refund, fedex changed the weight at another location (like they put an employee on top of my package). i got the dock receipt from the final marine shipper whose weight differed by nearly 100 pounds less.

One of their clients was shipping a hazardous material but fedex neglected to include the proper documentation for THAT PARTICULAR CLIENT, so the marine shipper refused everything that fedex was trying to drop off. fedex told the marine shipper that if fedex had to return to its office to get the required document, fedex would have to charge the marine company for the extra trip.

The marine company told fedex "nicely where to go with their neglect", so fedex tried the weakest link, namely, the other customers who did not have hazardous material to declare.

Fedex wrote a letter to the state consumer affairs about refunding, but never did - yet they continue to bill, er, strong-arm me into forking over money i do not owe. I have all the documentation and yet they continue to bill me month after month going on nearly 30 months now. At some point they have to sue me for THEIR negligence and THEIR breach of my contract - OR until they choose to impact my impeccable reputation. I look forward to seizing and selling one of their assets if push comes to shove.

I've heard of David and goliath

Review about: Fedex Next Day Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Incompotent employees, Poor service, Unprofessional service.

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