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Purchased a cast iron fireplace surround through ebay and it was insured and sent through fedex and both legs were broke; cast iron? how?

for two weeks have been trying to make a claim on the insurance that was placed on it and they won't work with me, only the seller. I have contacted several departments and several people, but they still stand by their convictions. I think they figure if they make it hard on people to make there claims they won't have to pay out and they can steal the insurance money. They many not consider it stealing, but when they won't honor their commitment they are getting some thing for free.

times are hard I agree, but to steel money from customers isn't good way to make stock holders rich.

So i'm stuck with a item that fedex ruined and that can't be used. :(

Monetary Loss: $100.

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You should have immediately place a complaint with ebay, because it was advertised as iron and it was obviously not. They would have refunded your money.

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