On April 24, 2014, I called the 800 number to report a broken package with one item missing (there were two sent.) I was told they would search the facility for the item and call me back. This is for some kind of "local ground multi-day" shipping...As of July 2nd they still hadn't called me.

When I called them this morning to ask what had happened to my claim, they told me at first that there wasn't one, then that I needed a "waiver" from the sender on their letterhead giving them permission to reimburse me, and the reimbursement would be sent to the sender! This seemed very odd, so I asked what would happen if the sender had died. They said, straightfaced, that then they would need a Death Certificate before they would send me my ten bucks. This went on for a while, until they finally admitted that one individual in Claims had "tabled" the whole matter to demand a Waiver, deleted it from the payment cycle and if I hadn't called them and insisted they would have never reimbursed me for the box they smashed and opened, removed half of and them re-taped shut before sending it to me, which speedy service took a week.

I guess they save money by pretending claims must have reams of paperwork before they can be repaid, but since I don't own stock in the company, I much prefer to just get the job done, promises kept, with timely, respectful service. To their credit, they did apologize and admit that it was "false data" that I had to either send a waiver or get the sender to send a waiver saying it was alright for them to honor their guarantees. They can honor their guarantee without a letterhead note from me saying it's alright to do so! lol!

It is so ironic that the phone is answered by a recording touting those guarantees. Just another tactic to avoid paying damages that they create. Can you say personnel problems? The box-smashers have issues...

Deal with it, FedEx! You're supposed to be providing a service!

Monetary Loss: $10.

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