I shipped some RARE antique beer mirrors and clock from Rapid City, SD to Phoenix, AZ where i was working, FedEx Overnight. I received the box today and it looks like they played Kickball with it. It was a brand new moving box from Lowes and I even pack it with 100ft of bubble wrap! Yes, 100ft.......

The clock plastic was broken and has to be glued in several places. Really surprised the mirrors only have minor scratches because the sides of the box are ripped open on 3 corners. Not sure how much more abuse the box would take.

Once upon a time, UPS was notorious for beating up boxes back in the day and FedEx was my favorite. Now I'm not thinking so......

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Here you go watch this. It will explain what they're doing to your items. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq_jkUVgrc0.

Orlando, Florida, United States #831679

Having worked for a furniture retailer I can tell you if you value anything like a clock or mirror NEVER ship overnight. Doesn't matter if it's UPS, Fedex, DHL, overnight will kill a fragile item like that.

That's because carriers ONLY care about getting the item there overnight. They are not looking to handle it with care, that takes time. I can't ensure your mirror and clock don't tumble down the gangplank or conveyor belt.

I need to load this plane asap to make it from SD to AZ.

This is not a knock against you or the complaint. I am just saying that with prior experience I know how this typically turns out, and would not recommend using any carrier to ship any fragile item overnight.

Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States #831598

They probably should have told you when you shipped it, but Lowe's moving boxes are not rated for shipping. So, you could have packed it with 200 ft of bubble wrap, but since it wasn't in a shipping box, it still wouldn't be considered properly packed. It's rare that one of those type of boxes will make it to its destination without looking like they kicked it around the block.

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