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I live in a rural area. My gate is clearly labeled with my address.

I know the majority of the delivery drivers and they have had no issues. Well, this "special" delivery driver named Kim decided to throw my package over my neighbor's fence last week. Clearly she does not know how to operate a GPS, a map, or read numbers on a gate. My neighbors have dogs.

I ordered $400 dollars worth of Michael Kors goods for Christmas. The dogs could've destroyed everything in there, luckily only the box was damaged. I am highly upset because I called and filed a complaint, which I thought was rectified. I was okay with it.

I asked that the driver receive some type of 1st grade education to learn how to read numbers on a gate. Well, the next day (today), Kim, the driver calls me. She called me from her personal cell phone. She asked if I would be home later--- I said "Uhm, yes, why?" She said she wanted to talk to me.....

Are you effing kidding me? Then she proceeded to insist I give her directions to my house. A) Google it B) it is not that freaking hard C) Why in the holy *** would you drive to a customer's house to "talk" to them. She was trying to justify throwing my goods over my neighbor's fence.

She was trying to play the victim like reading numbers on a god damned gate is that freaking hard. She deserves to go back to Kindergarten. It is BEYOND me how someone is so *** and CARELESS that they cannot identify the correct property. This...

Really... Boggles... My... Mind.

But I wasn't that upset at the time because my goods were A-OK. I am now LIVID because the driver called me on my personal phone, from her personal phone, in a confrontational manner in which she tried to blame her mistake on me. Oh, BLAME ME for your inability to READ or OPERATE A GPS. I am truly flabbergasted at the customer service I have received from the *** manager, or actually--- LACK THEREOF--- who is also a WOMAN NAMED MICHELLE.

They are all a bunch of momo's up there. Morons. Dummies. Slowwies.

Whatever you associate the dumbest, most careless, meat robots with... That is them. They are the meiofauna of the sea. The turd floating in the toilet at Applebee's.

The bird poo that is stained on the swing set. The management and some drivers of the FedEx Tampa location are the oil on top of the peanut butter. They are literally the sloth of the animal kingdom. They are slow.

They are mentally inferior. They all need to go back to primary school. I usually do not get this upset over such things--- But the level of sheer "not giving a darn" that I am receiving from these idiots has driven me up a wall. For any FedEx employee who is not an incompetent blister on the skin of a tomato bathing in the sun--- thanks for what you do, please help your *** idiotic coworkers figure out how to read a map.

For the FedEx employees who undoubtedly think that the Earth is made up of Skittles and rainbows... Learn how to read a map/numbers/or operate a GPS. I know 6 year olds who can use a GPS. This is UNBELIEVABLE.

NEVER AGAIN. Kiss my train, Kim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Teach your idiots how to read a map for the 1,000th time I am requesting this.

I liked: Ups.

I didn't like: Fed ex, Named, She.

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