I had several packages slated for delivery in the week before Christmas. I followed tracking.

I show all but 3 delivered on the 18th. Only I was home waiting on the 18th and FedEx did not stop. 5 days later I call them, they say all packages were delivered to an address in the 400 block........I live in the 200 block. Fed Ex even gave me the name of the person who signed for em (After telling me they did not require signatures) Per FedEx, they are allowed to deliver to a "neighbor" if no one is home.

They expected me to track the package to the address they delivered to in order to get it back. How does "neighbor" equate to an address 2 + blocks away? Now I know why I never got 2 others shipments over the last year that they claim were lost. Were they "lost"...or perhaps stolen??

I PAY for delivery and now find out ...according to a Fed Ex Supervisor that they can actually deliver the package pretty much anywhere they want if no one is home or answers the door. Problem with this is I was home.....the driver never stopped much less came to the door.

THIS should not be allowed

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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