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In light of so many theft and fraud charges made against Fed Ex - I have filed several in 2021 alone ...but FedEx always defends the driver, even once when it required signature and identification and was clearly delivered to AN INCORRECT ADDRESS and signed for by someone who wasn't me, FedEx denied my claim because the driver listed/recorded/reported it as delivered. My question was, "to whom?" I never got it.

So when this most recent problem (an overnight envelope requiring signature and identification spent 60 hours on a truck and then was deemed delivered - alleging I signed for it, I became ill.

I couldn't get confirmation of delivery as they required the shipper's confidential billing information, like that's available. Absent that, I have no recourse. I can't see "my" signature, I can't view the identification required by the driver before releasing the envelope so FedEx hamstrings us by asking for information we cannot provide.

I did a lot of research online asking - in similar terms on various sites - what are the chances FedEx drivers steal packages. Overwhelmingly, the responses were negative, "Highly unlikely," "Most unlikely," "slim to none" ..

all responses from FedEx stating that it was not possible because every time the package moves, it is scanned, into and out of distribution centers with detailed tracking details and estimated delivery times and there is always proof of who had the package last ... scanner at distribution center, truck for delivery and never anywhere other than where it was assigned. HA!

Over these past days, however, while I stayed home, ever vigilant so I didn't miss this very important envelope, I ran out of milk, bread, eggs, etc. I was so distraught after the theft of this package late on Christmas Eve, I became ill.

I spent all day yesterday trying to get rid of a migraine headache, accompanying nausea and panic attack as a result of FedEx once again, deceiving and thieving.

This afternoon, after being alerted that a winter advisory had been posted and snow was on the way, I decided I better get out for my necessary goods. I am a legally blind, disabled home-bound senior citizen so when I need things, I walk to the gas station across the way. Dealing with brittle bone disease, walking is especially dangerous this time of year but you do what you have to survive. As I approached the store, I spotted two FedEx trucks, immediately backed up against each other, with activity going on behind the opened van door - shrouded from view.

Under the circumstances and just spending hours about how closely FedEx monitors the packages released to their care and control ...

I was intrigued. I was on foot so I simply walked up to take a look. It was a secluded area in a gas station parking lot when a woman looked at me. I asked, "car trouble?" She said, "no, I'm just helping him get rid of his packages." That was all I needed to hear so I turned to walk away.

Then I heard a man's voice mutter something nasty under his breath but I continued to walk.

I have a cell phone for emergency use but I was able to take pictures of license plate numbers for both vehicles .. one, a bigger delivery vehicle facing north and the van, facing south with its passenger side rear door open, blocking view of exactly what was going on.

So tell me, FedEx ..

which one of these vehicles was the satellite distribution center complete with tracking device - in the hands of competent management personnel as alleged maintaining tight security over the cargo? I'd very much like to know how packages were transferred from one vehicle to another and exactly what was the tracking record logging what went on?

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: An apology Respect Full Disclosure Find the drivers who last had access to my deliveries and have them explain what they did and why they did it ADMIT THAT YOU LIE, STEAL and ABUSE YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Location: 710 6th Street North, Hudson, WI 54016

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