The last time my fiance sent a package thru fedex from US and it clearance delay, my fiance charge from US for $150 dollars, its maybe the cost of the packaged he sent is $150 dollars too and they will not advise my fiance that when it comes in destination place, they will take another charge from the custom, my fiance doens't know thier policy, when it comes here in manila they will ask me again for charges from the customs for P3,500 pesos my fiance got shock he didn't expected that,my fiance said its better he send money than he paid costly for thier charges,thier reason is variable item,but my fiance sent only fancy accessories and they charge me more here in phil. from custom, for thier costly charged i can purchase here a set of jewelry and its real jewelry and good quality,and again it happend this month that for only worth $30 dollars of magic jack my fiance sent thru fedex from US and he charge it $81 dollars when it comes here in manila it clearance dalay again and they will ask me again for charges from customs, I tell them that if you ask me more charge than the prize of magic jack i will not accept it, return in US.What kind of business you have, I think that this is the last we will used your company. your poor of service.....

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