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I tracked my FedEx clinical package #8676 4692 0419. It left Calgary on Monday the 29th and arrived in Oakland, California on Tues.

the 30th at 9:00AM where it has been sitting all day without moving. It is supposed to go to Palo Alto, California. It is a clinical pack with an important blood sample needed to dianose someone ill. The quality of the results depend on it being delivered in a timely manner.

Why has it been sitting in Oakland for 13 hours (it is now 10:16PM Tues).

It will probably be stuck there another 12 hours. Please get it to Palo Alto -- pronto!

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FedEx Pick-up Center in Queens hazardous to persons with disabilities

By Gabriel Gherasim

There is a FedEx pick-up center in Maspeth, Queens that is an open invitation for injuries for persons with disabilities, not to mention an invitation to lawsuits as a result of that.

Imagine you need t use a walker to ambulate. You need to pick up a parcel shipped by FedEx to you and you missed the delivery person. You call and ask for the parcel to be held so that you may come and pick it up. If you live in South West Queens, you’ll have to get it from the pick-up center located at 58-95 Maurice Avenue, at the intersection with 55 Drive. You are in for a task which amounts to being hazardous to your safety.

Perhaps you get there by car or by the nearby Q 39 bus. The moment you see the entrance of the center you wonder whether you mistakenly arrived at a dead-end country road, or whether FedEx is completely ignorant of the state and federal laws mandating public businesses to create facilitations for access to people with disabilities.

Instead of a parking place, the entrance is located in a hole. One needs to get to and from the entrance by sinking into an asphalt vortex. Cars are parked askew and the drivers are irate and going against the gravity when moving in and out of that rabbit hole.

Now, if you came by bus, you better have your walker equipped with brakes, because you will have to use them when getting in and out of that dump, to get from the street to the entrance.

Once inside the building, a new dilemma arises for the user of assistive devices: “How do I get upstairs to pick up my package?”

Two levels of stairs face the customer, very narrow, and abrupt. There is, an elevator in the building, but… it doesn’t work and it’s locked.

Assuming some decent citizen helps you to get upstairs, you ask a FedEx clerk why isn’t the elevator working? You are told that the elevator hasn’t been working for over half a year. You ask how are persons with disabilities supposed to navigate the stairs up and down and you are invited to write a complaint as a customer, for repeated complaints from empathetic FedEx staff itself, led nowhere with management. Apparently, only an accident and subsequent lawsuit by a person with disability might get the attention of this multi-million dollars business C.E.O.s.

In the meantime, you have to rely on another sympathetic customer, or the security guard to get downstairs safely, you and your parcel that is.

Once outside, you need to sink in the asphalt vortex, avoid the chaos of the rushing incoming and outgoing cars, and if you made it uninjured, want to call somebody at FedEx and give them a piece of your mind. Things get even more interesting if you come after sunset, as the dim lights the entrance is equipped with, invite your extra-sensory perceptions to compensate for the lack of proper lighting of the building.

Funny thing though, when you call their 800-463-3339 number, you are transferred to various extensions and eventually you are told to call the Maspeth Center itself. However, they don’t have the center’s number.

In summary, please have no ambulation problems or pray for a miraculous healing before going to pick up your parcel from the Maspeth Fed Ex center. Ironically, you can get ramps and other entrance modifications, from a nearby K.F.C. (or any other fast-food business), than you can get from the FedEx business when visiting this pick-up center.

Gabriel Gherasim, New-York

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