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I filed a complaint to both the FedEx Express and FedEx Ground facilities and got ignored, the complaint was on vehicular harassment: by its drivers or by the person who coordinates the drivers routes. Yesterday and many days like that, it seems i'm being followed by this company to many places I go (many times a day on purpose) , even if I go out at night like 10pm they still try to cross my path on purpose.

One of their goals, i'm guessing is to instill fear and intimidation towards me. Never respect businesses that harass people this way.

Reason of review: drivers, or coordinator of drivers routes following me, invading my privacy and trying to get me nervous and scared of them by following me around where I go several times a day, and even in the least expected of places..

Preferred solution: To properly address this problem, and find out which of their workers are participating in stalking, harassment, intimidation, threatning behavior towards me. But im not sure I trust Fedex since I have already filed 5 complaints and they don't care..

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You have lost the plot.

Carson, California, United States #865894

How convenient to try to discredit my claim, by simply saying that.

Some of the drivers even go as far to turn on their vehicles/lights (during the daytime) just as im passing by or just wait around a crossing intersection just so they can be noticeable. My guess as of why they are doing this, intimidation, convey hidden message, just to be bully

someone, etc.

I really don't know. Years of the same thing their M.O. becomes very played out and its not even hard to see their true intentions who ever is behind this.

But like I stated in my claim maybe its not the entire corporation,but either the drivers or the person who manages the routes for them / tells them where to go. Its impossible to encounter same vehicles {statistically speaking} several times a day, in random roads,at random times, random locations,etc.

if there wasn't an organized, coordinated, malicious way of tracking/following/becoming noticeable to try to intimidate someone. DHL,Lasership,TNT are parcel companies yet I hardly ever see them,

so no this form of harassment is not "coincidentally"

And just to let you know this has been going on since 2009 when I was in the process of joining the military, and when I hadn't made any complaints of any sort to anyone relating this. I think you should take "your" meds for supporting psychopathic practices like these.

This isn't the 50/60's, what now a person can't go outside for fear of getting harassed by some vigilante/malicious groups, if it is please let me know because I was under the impression that people had rights. Good thing, I studied enough to recognize sh*t like that and call it for what it is discrimination/abuse.


I think you need to get back on your meds.

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