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Update by user Jun 24, 2021

Update 2: Called again an hour later and they told me it never made it on the truck. So I've been lied to AGAIN! Defiantly going to have to get the police involved now.

Update by user Jun 24, 2021

Update 1: Called early afternoon to make sure the package had actually made it on the truck. I think they said it was on the truck (heavy accent at the call center).

Then 2 hours later, I see on the tracking that it updated to say that it's still at the warehouse. So I called again and they said they can't help me with anything other than what the tracking says...

Original review posted by user Jun 24, 2021

I had a package that was going to be delivered while I was out of town. I put a note on my door saying to hold it until Monday.

Monday and Tuesday come and the driver never showed up. Didn't even come by but marked it as "attempt to deliver" Now I had to go to their warehouse to pick it up. I didn't have the proper ID on me (I'll take blame on that) but the guy told me to just come back with a business card to prove that I'm with the company or that he could expedite it out that day too. I chose expedite.

Multiple phone calls with customer support later, turns out he never sent it off. So it's still at the warehouse. I go back with business cards and a hand written note from my boss saying I'm with the company, and they STILL don't let me have it. Says he'll send it out again and have it here today.

Asked for HIS business card so I can refer back to him and ironically enough, he doesn't have a business card. He didn't find it as funny as I did. anyways, it still hasn't come yet.

I've now been trying to get ahold of my package for over a week now. If it doesn't come today, I'm going to have to get the local authorities involved.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: I would like to make a complaint on the driver as well as the employee at the warehouse. ALSO WANT MY PACKAGE!.

Location: 5101 East Front Street, Kansas City, MO 64120

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