On July 20, 2020, I called the Fed-X location at: 3475 E. Washington Rd, Saginaw, MI to pick-up a package.

Due to COVID-19, my place of employment is open several days per week. I wanted to make arrangements to pick up a package. The driver made several attempts, but to know avail. However, the employee I spoke with to make arrangements to pick up the package was very "RUDE"!!

She would cut me off and disrupt the conversation when I asked her questions. And, she suggested I put my phone number on a piece of paper and put it on the door of the building. I explained to her, that this was a public facility and putting my phone number on the door for the driver to contact me when he arrives, was "unacceptable" and would create a security issue. This is the "2nd" time this employee was rude to me!!

I treated her respectfully when I asked her questions or needed answers. My personal opinion is that this employee needs training in how to serve or represent the company by having additional training in Customer Service.

Location: Saginaw, Michigan

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