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The delivery drivers will continually lie about attempted deliveries. This has happened to me with several packages in both Michigan and Washington.

I was home all day, eagerly watching out the window while working. I watched two fedex trucks stop in front of my house, and then Immediately drive away. During their stop, without even getting out of the vehicle my status was updated to a delivery attempt was made. I immediately got on the phone with fedex and after an hour of trying to get passed the robot I was met with an advisor who- surprise surprise- was unhelpful and only repeated the know tracking status.

I told them I do not trust their drivers and I want to pick it up myself. I was assured and told by this advisor I could pick it up next day because of the issue. Tracking updated accordingly until late in the Evening when- surprise surprise- fedex updated the delivery to the ne t week.

I am done giving this awful company chances.

They have non existent customer support, incapable drivers, and thieves. They are con artists who dont give a *** about any of their customers.

User's recommendation: Use USPS or UPS. Save yourself the hassle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Courier Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

FedEx Pros: Lower prices.

FedEx Cons: Unprofessional, Shipping service, Unreliable, No support.

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Right now dealing with this too, for the second time. Lying lazy neckbeard drivers.

Security footage proving Fedex not only never on the property but never even on the road as one of my cams sees that too.

Costing me $650 though and the company purchased from no help either even though they could call their rep and get further than I can with worthless robo menus and outsourced cs personnel who merely read off a script, not their fault btw, Fedex fault for being too cheap and money worshiping to hire and train actual cs personnel. UPS costs more, but at least they deliver.