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When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight? How about has to be there in 4 days and still isn't delivered on time?

My loan payment (large commercial loan) sat in their warehouse for 3 days for no reason and arrived late at the lenders. Nice of FedEx to write a letter saying sorry we don't know why this happened. Didn't convince the lender to waive fees they are legally entitled to assess. So what is my recourse?

I have none. I could have flown to New York and made the payment in person, took in a show, and stayed in a nice hotel for less than it cost me to use FedEx.

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Yes Fedex has done this to me several times. They keep things in their warehouse and don't give any reason why, then they have the gall to try to charge me extra fees. That's it my company will never use them again.

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