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As a former employee that recently quit... Fedex is main concern isn't the customer it's the buck...The insurance they offer is a scam 98% of the time they will not pay..The customer service i've been mentioning is very poor nobody in that dept have clue in how to help or answer anyone concerns ...the software they offer their customers sucks its slow and hard to use...

The ground service is great but i feel sorry for all the contractors and drivers! They get paid peanuts like but work there *** off for a company who doesn't care..for fred smith and all big wigs it's bout the money that's it not about the etc are no different they all work the same i use to be proud working at fedex but it's changed it is about money and they forgot what the term customer really for drivers and contractors, they are just numbers soon as they are not happy with you seeya....But the people who listed here are right they don't care

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I use to work for Fedx ground they don't have no benefits and get paid very little that's why they don't care about the job they getting f•••• and they work they a•• off

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