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So, for the third day in a row, Fedex fails to deliver a package that I've been expecting (an in-warranty repair for a computer component--so I can't use my computer during the wait). And for the 3rd time, they claim no one was around to receive the package. THERE HAS BEEN SOMEONE AROUND FOR THE LAST THREE ATTEMPTS! This is why I signed up for email notifications, just so I wouldn't MISS the delivery. Is this the first time this has happened? Of course not! the last time I had something delivered through these morons, I had to have it held at a local store and even then, picking it up turned out to be more of an ordeal than it had to be. Picture this: slow-witted clerk rummaging through a closet, meanwhile calling out "IT'S NOT HERE" over and over, until I hear: "Oh, here it is."

And then, their phone rep has the nerve to tell me that no one answered the door. Well, had anyone KNOCKED, they might've gotten a response. Then I told her that in order for the deliveryman to gain access to our unit, he has to dial us on the intercom--which, by the way, would show up on our caller ID but for obvious reasons (they never came by), it didn't. They didn't even leave a door hanger to let me know I missed the delivery. But then, that's hard to do when you're cruising by without stopping.

I guess I just should be glad the deliveryman didn't decide to cut corners and chuck it over my building's roof.

Really. With so many Americans out of work, this is the best they can do? Pathetic.

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